Past Simple vs Present Simple Grammar Quiz

Consolidate the Past Simple Tense by comparing it to Present Simple Tense

Here's a grammar quiz on past simple and present simple tenses together in the context of a letter from holiday.  

What's Covered?

The reading text is on a letter from two-holiday places, which are in the north-west of Turkey. 

The letter covers mainly past simple tense. Most answers address past simple tense. Present simple tense is placed in a few blanks to consolidate past simple tense in meaning as well. There are no indications for negative forms of the given verbs in the blanks. Hence, you may want to warn your students before giving out the worksheet about being aware of the meaning all the time. 

The covered cases are ...

  • Negative forms in simple past tense
  • Positive forms of regular verbs
  • Positive forms of irregular verbs, which are swim, write, to be, sleep, lose, find, have, do
  • The use of "do" as the main verb in simple past tense

You can also try out the online version of this exercise here.

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Hello. Have a look at online resources to check present simple and past continuous tenses separately at the Online Resources page (

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