Past Simple verb forms Interactive game

Do you want to revise past simple verb forms to your students with an engaging and straightforward game? Then, this PowerPoint game will be a good choice for you. This ESL game covers the irregular verbs of simple past.

What’s the best way to use it in an EFL Lesson?

There are many ways to handle this interactive game in EFL classes, but I’ll suggest an engaging way for all students to participate in it. Make this PowerPoint activity into a grammar competition. It'll be the best way for large EFL classes, especially.

Make this PowerPoint activity into a grammar competition.

First, choose two students or two groups of students. In large classes nominate two students to give the answers of their groups. Then, toss a coin to decide which group to start the game. It's a critical stage to stop any objections about the difficulty level of the questions. The first student starts the game and finds the simple past verb from the jumbled order. In this stage before checking the answer in the next slide, you may ask the class to get confirmation whether the answer is correct or not. In other words, let the class be the jury of the game. At last, ask the base form of that verb and the other opponent continues with the next slide.

The question slide sets are proportionally placed one after another in regards to a relative difficulty level. Briefly, if an opponent gets a hard question slide, then the other opponent gets another relatively hard question in the next or following slides.  

At last, there are few things to consider before you introduce it into your classes: 

  • Don't teach the past simple verb forms with this game. The time-based nature will make it worse.
  • It's a game about irregular verbs. No past participle forms or regular forms are included.
  • Some verbs may include the same letters which will obviously offer two available options in some slides. So, the groups should decide on one of them as there will be only one given as an answer in the next slide.

Have fun:)

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