Past Simple Cloze test

Challenge your student with a cloze test on past simple tense

Here’s a challenging open cloze test on the simple past tense. It’s about a student’s day in the past.

What does it cover?

This open cloze test covers many aspects of simple past tense. It should be used for a revision before the exam or for consolidating past simple tense. It’s about the day of a student’s study in a library and afterwards.

The missing words are chosen from the words frequently used at the elementary level. All the blanks can be easily found when the meaning of the sentence or passage is fully grasped.

The covered cases are…

  • Time expressions used with simple past tense
  • The negative and positive forms of regular verbs
  • The negative and positive forms of irregular verbs
  • The negative and positive forms of to be in the simple past tense

In the PDF set, there are different simplified versions of the same worksheet. You can try out the worksheet here to decide whether it's suitable or not for your EFL class.

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