Spice Up Your Efl Lessons With Drama: Easy Warm-Up And Filler ActivitiesSpice Up Your Efl Lessons With Drama: Easy Warm-Up And Filler Activities

English as a foreign language (EFL) classes can sometimes be dry and boring, especially for students who struggle with the language. But incorporating drama into your lessons can not only make them more engaging but also help students improve their English skills. 

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Effective Classroom Management in Large Language ClassesEffective Classroom Management in Large Language Classes

Imagine a vibrant classroom where collaboration thrives and students are fully engaged in their language-learning journey. Managing large language classes presents unique challenges, but there is a powerful solution: teamwork. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable impact of teamwork on classroom management, unveiling effective strategies to foster collaboration, enhance engagement, and cultivate language proficiency. Get ready to unlock the true potential of teamwork and revolutionize your language teaching approach.

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Minecraft in Education: A Powerful Tool for LearningMinecraft in Education: A Powerful Tool for Learning

Did you know that Minecraft, the all-time best-selling computer game, can be used for educational purposes in your classes? (Bonus: A custom Minecraft Education edition game for English classes)

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enhancing EFL classes with chatgpt blog post ENHANCING EFL CLASSES WITH CHATGPT: A GUIDE FOR TEACHERS

Discover how using ChatGPT, an AI language model, can revolutionize the way you teach EFL classes and help your students improve their language skills.

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Reverse Taboo Game for English ClassesReverse Taboo Game for English Classes

The Reverse Taboo game is a fantastic way to practice speaking in English language classes and it brings a lot of fun time to your classes just like the original game. 

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