Comparatives Reading Text

Here's a dialogue between a couple who wants to decide on a hotel for their summer holiday. It covers many comparative structures and can be perfectly used in a grammar lesson on comparatives.

ask students to identify the comparative forms in the text

What's the suggested procedure?

My suggestion is to use this text to introduce comparatives. First, carry out a regular reading comprehension lesson. For your warm-up stage, you can ask simple questions like students' favourite hotels or things they look for in a good hotel. After this part, ask students to identify the adjectives and then try to elicit the comparative forms. In this way, you'll move into the grammar presentation stage in a smooth and meaningful way.

A QR code answer key for your homework assignments and a smart answer key with short explanations for the answers are included.

here's also an online version of this material here.

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Excellent website. I'm a teacher and I'm always looking for exercises. Loved!!!!

Thank you for this very interesting text. I would like to reassure you that I will use it exclusively in my classroom as context material for the lesson.

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