EFL Resource Packs

The EFL resources in bundles. Have a look at different types of materials according to their main grammar subject.

ESL resource packs

Tenses&Modals Packs

present continuous resource pack
past simple resource pack
 present perfect resource pack
present simple vs present continuous resource pack
present perfect vs past simple resource pack
present simple resource pack
past simple past continuous resource pack
modal verbs resource pack
future tenses resources pack
Narrative Tenses Resource Pack
Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple Resources Pack

Clauses Packs

relative clauses resource pack
Reported Speech Resources Pack
Noun Clauses Resources Pack
conditionals resource pack picture

Miscellaneous Packs

The Passive Resource Pack
countables and uncountables resource pack
English basics resource pack
Comparatives and Superlatives Resources Pack

Vocabulary Resources

Brains first train journey
fine arts vocabulary quiz
nature and environment vocabulary quiz
natural disasters vocabulary quiz
home accidents vocabulary quiz
first aid kit vocabulary quiz
tourism vocabulary quiz
people and society vocabulary quiz
internet vocabulary quiz
Internet Acronyms vocabulary quiz
School objects vocabulary quiz
Personal experiences vocabulary quiz
Leisure Activities vocabulary quiz
Studying abroad vocabulary quiz