Internet Acronyms Vocabulary Quiz

Here's a vocabulary quiz on some common acronyms used in the world of internet. Our students spend a considerable an amount of time on the internet. The internet has already started to create its peculiar language. The acronyms play an essential part in this new language, and it might be complicated to figure out what those letters stand for. This worksheet covers some common abbreviations used widely on the internet. 

What acronyms are covered?

The acronyms are more or less very common and might be pretty easy for your students. If so, a high follow-up activity is to ask your students to make their own acronym quiz and test themselves. 

Here are the acronyms: BAE, DAE, LOL, BTW, OMG, ICYMI, FTFY, ELI5, TL;DR, IMHO, FYI, DM.

Internet Acronyms vocabulary quiz

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