EFL Websites for Teachers and Learners

Here are some website suggestions to teachers and learners. They provide free helpful ESL/EFL resources. 

EFL website suggestions

For Teachers

Busyteacher - Printable worksheets and lesson plans for  teachers on any topic with no registration for downloading materials

Islcollective - An international community of more than a million ESL/EFL language teachers sharing self-made language teaching materials

Sandy Millin - A site full of ideas for English teachers. It has some great blog posts on DELTA and CELTA.

An A-Z of ELT - Scott Thornbury's blog which covers all the key terms used in ELT and provides many practical ideas for ELT teachers

The Internet TESL Journal - Provides articles and links to almost everything in the world of ELT

ESL Conversation Questions - Hundreds of free conversation questions designed for the ESL/EFL/ESOL classroom 

Lesson Stream - Great ready to use lesson plans for teachers by Jamie Keddie

Englishwsheets - Worksheets that work great with kids

Dave's ESL Cafe - Besides its content, which covers almost everything related to ESL, it provides lots of job adverts for English teachers 

ESL Logic - Presents online and printable logic puzzles organized by language topics

All ESL - Provides hundreds of good quality free printable worksheets which are created and tested by a team of teachers

English tools - Presents over 25 English language learning tools which range from tools that can turn your text into an image file or generate fill in the gap worksheets. 

For Learners

Englishpage - Provides free online English lessons with simple explanations 

Englishclub - A huge website to help you learn English online

Ego4u - A general website to help you learn English

Apps 4 EFL - Provides many great online activities and digital tools for learners and teachers

Perfect English Grammar - A great reference point for English grammar

Agenda Web - A huge website of online exercises



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