Modal Verbs Reading Text

Do you need to see modal verbs in a reading context? Here's a reading text on modal verbs for the pre-intermediate level of students, which is also accompanied by a set of true/false questions.

What's Covered?

The reading text is a dialogue between two students talking about a submission of a project in their schools. Modal verbs are suitably implemented in the conversation according to their common uses. A great warm-up activity for a grammar revision on modal verbs would be finding the modal verbs and explaining their meanings in the context. In this way, they'll adequately exploit the text in a revision lesson for modal verbs. 

Here are modal verbs used in the dialogue: must, have to, should, can, can't, don't have to.

A QR code answer key for your homework assignments and a smart answer key with short explanations for the answers are included.

You can find the online version here if you want to check the suitability of the questions. 


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thanks boss

Thanks! Modals are usually boring for my students and this will help them understand in a funny and meaningful way.

Super! all modal verbs in one text, easy to understand and enjoyable. Greatest job ever!

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