Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quizzes to Evaluate Grammar Skills in your EFL Lessons

Grammar quizzes are relatively hard exercises for your EFL classes. They are designed from my common mistakes corpus and to challenge students on specific grammar concepts.

Where do grammar quizzes fit in EFL lessons?

Grammar quizzes usually fit best to in a revision lesson or an exam preparation lesson. They are language test materials, so you can use them to prepare your students for specific grammar subjects for the coming exam.

If you’re out of time, you can set it as a homework assignment. The QR code answer key will be a very worthy tool for a homework assignment. The answer key of the resource is all embedded in its QR code key of the material. Just give it as homework, and students will check it from the QR code key.

What’s the suggested procedure?

You may use the resource in many ways; however, my suggestion is to use the A&B versions, which will help you implement reciprocal peer learning in your classes.

The procedure is simple. Just separate the class into two and give out the A&B handouts to students As and Bs. After the completion of the exercise, ask pairs to swap their handouts and check them. Then, ask pairs to discuss their answers together. When they’ve finished, you can go through the exercises as a class or just ask if there are any conflicts between pairs on the questions. 

Grammar quizzes