Error Correction

Get Over the Common Mistakes with Error Correction Worksheets in your EFL Classes

Error correction worksheets or common mistakes handouts are special exercises that a typical student usually make when learning English. They are also grammar-based exercises which can be used to master the relevant grammar subject.If you're a learner, it'll be a great supplementary resource for you to realise typical mistakes in grammar subjects.

Where do they fit in lessons?

It’s best to use them when students have completed a long way in the relevant grammar concept. Hence, it’s best to use them in a revision lesson or an exam preparation lesson.

What do they cover?

They can cover almost everything that can be confused by students. The sentences are taken from a large common mistakes corpus that my students constitute every year.

What’s the suggested procedure?

Most sentences look very natural and normal to students due to the fact that they do those mistakes too, so they are very challenging exercises. The best procedure is eliciting comments from students and making them discuss the sentences among groups. Do not jump on confirming the correct answer but wait for the proper justifications.