Cloze Test

Prepare your Students for Exams with Cloze Tests

At photocopiables, cloze tests or open cloze tests are fill-in-the-blank exercises that cover the different concepts of grammar subjects. Its design makes them the hardest resource type among the different kinds of resources at photocopiables. They aim to examine the proficiency of students on a particular grammar subject. They are simply great resources for a revision lesson.

What’s covered in the cloze tests?

They can ask students to fill in the blanks with some appropriate time expressions, verbs or phrases using the target grammar subject. In other words, you need to fill in the gap in the best way. They assess the student’s knowledge on the given grammar issue with its special design. They are also written in a particular theme, which will help students to get the topic easily. 

What’s included in the set?

There are mainly two versions in the set. The first one is a theme based reading text with gaps. The second one is the simplified version of the same open cloze test, which has the words or phrases of the gaps in a box.

What’s the suggested way?

If you feel that your students find the open cloze tests hard, you may start your lesson by eliciting the relevant and appropriate words or phrases around the given theme and put them on board as a reference for students. If you’re out of time, you can provide the simplified version, which will help you manage the time efficiently. With the help of the QR code key, you can also give it as a revision assignment.