Present Simple Cloze test

A cloze test on present simple tense in the context of 'daily routine' theme. After completing the present simple tense for talking about regular activities, you can use this material to assess their competency in present simple. 

What’s the text about and what grammar points does it cover?

The reading text describes a graphic designer and his dog Bobby’s daily routine. The vocabulary is chosen from the 'daily routine' theme. Hence your students should be familiar with them.

The test includes many aspects of present simple forms along with some time expressions.

Here are the points questioned in the worksheet:

  • Action verbs in negative or positive forms
  • 'To be' forms both in positive or negative forms
  • Time expressions and frequency adverbs

A particular focus is on the third singular and plural forms, as they need some practice to be fluent in using them. There's also a simplified version of the exercise, which might be more convenient for you to use in your classes. You can also use the version with the QR code answer key, which will be great for your homework assignments.

You can try out the online version of this worksheet here.

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