Present Simple PowerPoint Activity

Do you need a material to use on your smart boards to consolidate Present Simple tense in your EFL lessons? Then, try this interactive material, which aims to practice simple present with a quiz show format on your smart board. The questions are written in the theme of "studying abroad".

What’s covered?

This is the interactive board version of present simple consolidation worksheet, so it has the set same of questions. It is designed to follow a presentation or a revision of present simple tense for elementary level English classes with an ESL game on smart boards. It should be used when present simple is presented including the questions forms. It covers many structures used of present simple tense.

The covered grammar points are:

  • The positive and negative forms of to be
  • The use present simple tense in third person singular
  • The use of positive and negatives forms in simple present tense
  • The use of do as the main verb

What are the features of PowerPoint activity?

This activity is primarily designed to bring a fun time to ELT classes after a grammar presentation. The PowerPoint activity is provided with a timer, sound effects and answer slides with transition animations. The best approach is setting a grammar competition among a group of students and assigning the class as a grammar referee of the game. The grammar referee can check the answers whether it is correct or suitable before showing the answer slide. The question set consists of 12 questions, six questions to each group. The questions allocated to each group have relatively the equal difficulty level.

Have fun.

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