Present Simple Grammar Quiz

A grammar quiz for present simple tense at the elementary level. It's a complete worksheet, which tries to cover many different forms of present simple tense and also checks the meaning of some words from the "studying abroad" theme. You can also accompany your lesson with the vocabulary quiz on studying abroad if you want to teach the relevant vocabulary as well. This quiz can also ideally be used after using the present simple consolidation worksheet, which is relatively easier than this one. Choosing the suitable words from a box is usually hard for learners.

What's Covered?

This printable is ideal for your ESL classes when the present simple tense subject is covered. You can also assess your student’s knowledge of the Present simple tense before a relevant exam. You may want to pre-teach commute and depart before giving out the worksheets, which could be new words for your students.

The covered points are …

  • The form  of “to be” in negative and positive
  • The form of action verbs in negative and positive forms
  • The forms of the third singular person

You may want to remind your students to be careful about the negative forms as well and read the sentence carefully but not just match the subjects with a verb as a formula. Remind them that meaning comes first all the time!

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