Simple Past Consolidation PowerPoint Activity

Consolidating the forms of past simple tense with fun

Here’s an excellent PowerPoint activity on simple past tense for consolidating the forms of simple past tense. The context is "studying abroad".

What’s covered?

This PowerPoint activity can be ideally used to consolidate the simple past tense in general. The exercise covers the positive, negative and question forms in both regular and irregular verb forms. Before starting the game, you may want to warn them about reading and understanding the sentences fully and NOT changing the verb only. There are negative sentence slides in the game, which need comprehension to be answered correctly. 

Notably, the positive form sentences will be pretty easy for the students. In affirmative sentences, both the regular and irregular verbs are questioned. There's also a spelling question slide for you to be sure of their answers as well.

You can have a look at the set of questions here.

Theme: Studying Abroad
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Thanks for sharing this important material to teach my students. I really appreciate it.

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