Past Simple Tense Flashcards

Do you need an easy way to introduce past simple forms? Here is a set of flashcards to introduce past simple forms on your interactive board or computer. There are ten pictures in the set which can be used to support the meaning of the example sentence for presenting past simple tense. All three forms are utilised in the example sentences with different subjects. 

Example Sentences of Past Simple Tense Flashcards

  • I finished my homework yesterday.
  • Clark went to the market two minutes ago.
  • She drank coffee in the morning.
  • I had pizza for dinner last night.
  • My dog didn’t have a kennel.
  • We didn’t do any sports last week.
  • I didn’t book a table for four in the restaurant.
  • Did you visit Stonehenge last summer?
  • Did they visit the statue of liberty?
  • Did you go scuba diving last Saturday?

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