Present Your Lessons with Flashcards

Presenting your lessons on flashcards is one of the easiest ways to introduce grammar of vocabulary items in class. At photocopiables, there are mainly grammar flashcards to introduce grammar topics with pictures accompanied by its captions. The images, which speak for themselves, will change the atmosphere and bring fun to your lessons.  All the pictures are in the public domain, and you can be found in pixabay.

What's included in flashcards?

A flashcard resource is basically a set of pictures on a PowerPoint show accompanied by a caption that utilises the grammar form that is presented in class. The captions describe the picture, so they help grasp the grammar topic by visualising the sentence. Each flashcard set is presented in two ways, which are with or without captions.

How to use them in class?

The flashcards at photocopiables are mostly designed for introducing grammar concepts. The flashcard sets with captions are pretty straightforward to use in class. Just open the PowerPoint show on your computer or interactive board then present the flashcards by saying the captions below them. You can also ask some concept checking questions before reading the caption, which will consolidate the meaning of the picture by using the target language.

You can also use the flashcards without captions set. You can ask your students to work in pairs and describe what they see in each picture. Again, you can direct them with concept checking questions in the target grammar. In the feedback part, you can evaluate the sentences from the students and say the caption of the picture. You might want to use the flashcards set without captions set as a revision exercise to give an opportunity to students to utilise the target grammar.

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