Past Continuous Flashcards

Here's a set of flashcards on Past Continuous tense. The example sentences of Past Continuous tense which accompany the pictures are given below. They focus on all forms (positive, negative and questions) and some typical sentences that are commonly used in Past Continuous tense. The pictures in flashcards are pretty self-explanatory and will help get the meaning across easily. They can be suitably used in the grammar presentation stages. 

Example sentences of Past Continuous tense

  • He was studying outside at eleven o’clock yesterday.
  • They were reading the newspapers at nine o’clock yesterday.
  • While the plane was flying, the pilot jumped out of it.
  • He was going with the ball when they stopped him.
  • While he was working on his computer, he was also having coffee.
  • She wasn’t taking any photos.
  • He wasn’t eating anything.
  • Was she singing a melody?
  • Was she watching the view of Hong Kong?

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