Past Simple vs Past Continuous Grammar Rules Picture Quiz

Do you want to bring a fun time to grammar presentation stage for your past simple and past continuous tense lesson? Here's a great short PowerPoint in sports theme that gathers all the uses of both tenses in comparison with a picture description activity. It's ideal for young learner ESL classes.

What's the Procedure?

The procedure is simple. Either you teach or consolidate the uses of both tenses, you just need to open the PowerPoint and focus on the slide that gives the first use, and then pass to the next slides with the buttons on the slides. The presentation will help you cover the uses of the two tenses with a picture description activity. The students should tell what happens in pictures using the tenses according to the given uses. The PowerPoint is formatted in Kiosk mode so it'll work perfectly on interactive boards.  

The covered uses are...

  • Actions in progress at specific point in past
  • Actions in progress interrupted by another action in the past 
  • Parallel action happening simultaneously in the past

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I am teaching my students that when smt. hapens during an action, *when* is preferred over *while*, as it is a shorter moment in time. It happens during the longer action/activity. The last slides in the ppt. deal with simultaneous actions rightfully....two actions happening at the same time...

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