Past Simple vs Past Continuous Reading Text Online Quiz

This is the online version of the reading text "My Blog" exercise on past simple and past continuous tenses.

My Blog

Axel: Hey Laura! Did you look at my blog last night?My blog picture

Laura: Unfortunately no.  I had lots of things to do. While I was doing my homework, my cousin visited us. It was eight o’clock and after that I couldn’t even finish my homework.

Axel: Oh! Poor you! What did you do with her?

Laura: Well. We didn’t stay at home. We went to the park near our house. While we were going to the park, we saw Michael on the way. He joined us and we chatted for an hour there.

Axel: Sounds nice. So are you ready for Mrs. Sabina’s class?

Laura: Not at all. What about you? I bet you finished yours last night.

Axel: Well, I didn’t study all night. I was watching TV at eight o’clock. Then I started writing my new blog post.

Laura: Cool! What about the homework then?

Axel: Well, My plan was to watch some TV then do the homework. After the phone call at eight, I changed my mind and logged in to my blog.  

Laura: Who called you?

Axel: Mark. I was just watching Jeopardy on TV when he called me. He called me to say that homework was postponed to next week.

Laura: Really? Great! In the park, I was really worried about my homework. I can finish it now. So while we were chatting in the park, you were posting on your blog. What’s your new post about?

Axel: It’s about the coolest inventions in the history.

Laura: Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely read it. I have to go now. Bye.

Axel: Bye.