Past Simple vs Past Continuous Reading Text Quiz

Here's a reading text in PDF format which covers past simple and past continuous tenses in a meaningful context. 

What's Covered?

The reading text is a conversation between two friends talking about their previous night activities. Both of the tenses are implemented meaningfully in the conversation. So, it'll be a good idea to elicit the uses of the two tenses together from the context. Another great way to exploit this material is eliciting the uses of both tenses on board and then finding the example sentences from the conversation that matches the uses. 

The covered uses are ...

  • The use of past simple which interrupts an action in progress in the past
  • The use of past continuous to talk about an action in progress at a specific time in the past
  • Two parallel actions in progress happening simultaneously in the past
  • Single completed events in past

There's also an online version of this material.

PDF icon past cont vs past simple_reading.pdf193.93 KB

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It is difficult to find such nice reading examples about Past Continous and Simple Past Tense.Thanks.

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