Present Perfect vs Past Simple Consolidation Worksheet

Do you need a worksheet to revise the essential grammar points between Past Simple and Present Perfect tenses? Then, this worksheet is ideal for you. It'll give you an ample opportunity to give comprehensive explanations. The pair questions (1-2/4-10) will help you show the uses of both tenses in comparison with the same verbs. 

The pair questions will help you show the uses of both tenses in comparison

What's covered?

This consolidation worksheet is great for looking at the basics of the two tenses. The main grammar point is whether relevancy to present exists or not. It's designed to compare the two tenses consecutively, and thus many questions are relatively straightforward. There's also a picture with a sentence for you to remind Present Perfect tense to students before you give out the worksheet. The following points are covered in the worksheet:

  • The use of different time expressions with both tenses
  • The positive, negative, or question forms in both tenses
  • Asking about the time with simple past tense

Try out the online version here.

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