Past Simple vs. Present Perfect Reading Text Online Exercise

The interactive online exercise of Past Simple vs. Present Perfect Reading Text activity. You can have look at the worksheet closely here.

Spanish civil war poster

The Spanish Civil War

Sarah: Hi Kate. You look terrible! Didn’t you sleep last night?

Kate: No, I spent the whole night working on my essay. Ah don’t worry, I’ve stayed up all night doing assignments lots of times before. I'm used to it.

Sarah: Have you finished your essay?

Kate: No, not yet. I’m still working on it.

Sarah: What’s the topic?

Kate: The Spanish Civil War. I’ve read two huge articles about it, but I’m still not ready to start writing yet.

Sarah: What have you found so far? Have you read anything interesting?

Kate: Well, it was between the Republicans and the Nationalists, and ended just before World War 2. Actually, it looks like a rehearsal for World War 2. But I want to read more to get the full picture.

Sarah: Yeah, I remember writing an essay on World War 2. I did heaps of research, and it ended being up quite long - so many things to read. I even went to the National Library in the city.

Kate: You handed it in the last term, right?

Sarah: Yeah, that’s right. But if you need to do some more research, I’m happy to go with you to the National Library sometime.

Kate: Really? That’d be great!

Sarah: No problem. What are you doing now?

Kate: Um, I think I need some coffee.

Sarah: Well let’s get the train to the city, have a coffee and then head to the library.

Kate: Oh thanks, Sarah. It’s definitely my shout!