To be and pronouns Interactive Quiz

This is an interactive grammar game to check whether students have grasped the use of 'to be' verb in present, subject and object pronouns.The context of the questions is people and society

The PowerPoint game is very straightforward. You just open it on your interactive board or computer, then you'll see a set of 12 multiple choice questions with a 15-second timer. Each player should answer the question in time, and they'll get a point for their correct answers. The game is enhanced with sound effects and correct/incorrect answer slides. The correct answer is given in the wrong answer slide. I certainly recommend you to turn it into a grammar competition, which is also described here. They'll have fun. 

The questions are placed with a relative difficulty for each group. However, it'll be a good idea to toss a coin to stop further objections to the level of difficulty of the questions before the game.

Have fun.

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