ESL Grammar Postcards for Young Learners [with QR codes]

Esl grammar postcards are elementary level educational postcards, which are designed to review grammar subjects in a funny way. You can play with these cards in many ways: Review the grammar subjects in an amusing way, check the students’ knowledge on grammar subjects, laminate and keep them as a grammar reference point in your class or do whatever you wish that would be useful to your class. Also, the answer keys are embedded in QR codes on postcards, which will bring a fun time to your classes.


The grammar subjects included in this set: 


  • ‘To Be’ 
  • ‘Imperatives’ 
  • ‘Possessive Adjectives’ 
  • ‘Possessive pronoun’ 
  • ‘Present Simple’ 
  • ‘Present continuous’ 
  • ‘Past Simple’ 
  • ‘Past Continuous’ 
  • ‘Present Perfect’ 
  • ‘Future Simple’ 
  • ‘Be going to’ 
  • Comparative adjectives 
  • Superlative adjectives 
  • Countable&Uncountable nouns
  • Some&any 

Have fun!

Note: All the clipart photos used in this lesson plan are created by creative clips.

ESL Grammar Postcards 2
ESL Grammar Postcards 3
ESL Grammar Postcards 4
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