Mixed Conditional Clauses Flashcards

Here's a set of flashcards of example sentences to illustrate Mixed Conditional clauses. The example sentences show different forms of Mixed Conditional clauses and the pictures help to understand the sentences.

Example Sentences of Mixed Conditional Clauses Flashcards

  • If she had called a doctor, she would be better now.
  • If I had bought that lottery ticket, I would be very rich.
  • If I knew how to play chess, I would have entered the tournament.
  • If she weren’t fully booked, she would have joined her friends to go out yesterday.
  • If Mike had won all his matches, he would be playing in the tournament next week.
  • If I had gone on holiday last weekend, I would be having my ice-cream by the beach now.
  • If I weren’t having an exam next week, I would have joined my friends at the concert last night.
  • If you weren’t cooking chicken for dinner tonight, I would have ordered pizza.


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