A New Flat - Online Exercise

This is the online version of the "A New Flat" reading activity. It's the dialogue of two friends on buying a new flat. Types of zero, first and second conditional clauses are used a lot in the text and the meaning behind those clauses are questioned in the true/false comprehension questions. There are also feedback notes to answers in the print-out version.

A New Flat

Sally: Hi Kate! I want to buy a new house. I can’t decide which one to buy.a new flat

Kate: I can help you if you want.

Sally: Sure.

Kate: First of all, if you like landscapes, you should look for flats in the suburbs. They are both cheap and near the lake.

Sally: Yes, you’re right. I love landscapes. However, they are far from the city centre. I can’t go to the city centre every day if I get this new job in the centre. I’ll have to wake up very early every day. If I had a car, I’d think positive about them.

Kate:  Hmmm. Why don’t you look for the new buildings in the city centre, then? There are many new flats in the town.

Sally:  Can you recommend any new flats for me?

Kate:  If you have yesterday’s local newspaper, I’ll show you one of them. detached house

Sally: Here you are.

Kate:  Look at this one. It‘s right in the city centre. If you live in the centre, then everything will be around you.

Sally: Kate, isn’t this a bit expensive? I can’t afford to buy this. If I had that amount of money, I’d buy a detached house.

Kate: There are many cheap bank credits. I’ll buy one of them when I get the yearly promotion from my job.

Sally: Alright. I’ll have a look at new campaigns on the internet. Thanks.