Future Tenses Reading Online Quiz

The online version of the future tenses reading text quiz.

Read the text below and decide if the statements are true or false.

Scrabble Day


EMILY: Hi Paul! What are you doing today?

PAUL: I’m seeing my dentist at three o’clock in the afternoon. Have you got any plans for today?

EMILY: I’m meeting John and Jane at the cafe. We’re going to play Scrabble. Maybe, you might join us after your appointment at the dentist.

PAUL: Sounds good. I think my appointment will finish at four o’clock. I’ll call you when it finishes, then I can join you.

EMILY: Great! We’re going to talk about the Interrail. We’ll need your advice. 

PAUL: Alright! I’ll give you very valuable information about the trip. Look! Andy is coming.

EMILY: Oh no! He’s going to see me! He lent me his Geography book, and I’ve lost it. Now, he’ll probably ask me about it.

PAUL: OK. I got it.

EMILY: Bye, Paul.