Five Great ESL Video Lesson Plan Websites

Having video lessons is great fun both for my students and me. They just convert the monotonous routine of an ESL class into an eye-catching lesson. They bring an excellent opportunity to engage students more actively in lessons by using short videos.

Here are five great websites that use videos in teaching English. Most of the videos are uploaded to YouTube, so you can download or watch them from YouTube in the class.

Have fun :) 


film english website logo

A great ESL website to use short films as lesson materials.

The film-English website promotes the innovative and creative use of film in language learning. It takes a short film and converts it into a beautiful ESL lesson. All of the lesson plans revolve around the use of video and film to teach English. It promotes cineliteracy, the ability to analyse moving images, and considers it a 21st-century skill which students need to learn.

The lessons at Film-English promote critical thinking in the language classroom and encourage learners to reflect on values while learning a language.

The website is run by Kieran Donaghy, who is a teacher trainer and material writer with more than 25 years of experience. You can get more information about him from his personal website.

Film-English is also an award-winning website. It has got many awards, such as the ELTons 2013 award for innovation in teacher resources.


eslvideo website logoESL video is a video-based English learning website which offers interactive video quizzes to learners. It includes videos from Beginner to Advanced levels of English. Some of the videos are displayed along with some notes and their transcripts which might be a great tool, especially for high levels.

Eslvideo is used a lot by teachers; however, it does not have full lesson plans. Instead, it offers on-site exercises about the videos.

The website is open to teachers who want to create quizzes for their students. The teachers create video quizzes and then assign the quiz to their students. When students complete the quiz they can send their results to their teacher for evaluation.


lessonstream website logoDo you need lesson materials with fascinating content? Then, you should visit which offers free takeaway lesson plans.

It covers many different topics in an intuitive way to use in ESL classes. Most of the lessons are video lessons. The videos can be downloaded from YouTube. is run by Jamie Keddie who is also a conference speaker. You can catch him live in one of his conferences. He’s also got a personal website where you can check his conference dates and places.


elt-resourceful logoDo you need full lesson materials with an engaging topic?

The elt-resourceful website offers full lesson plans with an engaging topic. Most of its lesson plans are video lessons.

Elt-resourceful is run by Rachael Roberts who is a teacher trainer and ELT material writer. Her website has won many blog awards and notable nominations in the EFL world.

As Rachael Roberts is a teacher trainer, she gives teacher training workshops, and the links to her free webinars are also given on the website. You can have a look at her webinars to get an idea of her teacher training sessions. 


tedxesl website logoThe last one is my favourite. It offers TED talk videos in ready-made lesson plans for ESL classes. TED talks are really interesting speeches about today’s changing world, which might be an excellent context for a stimulating ESL lesson.

The lessons are graded from pre-intermediate to advanced levels of English. However, some categories are not filled with lessons yet.

TED Talks is a platform not only for innovators but also for people whose opinions and ideas may change the future. Their voices reach many people throughout the globe and are increasingly popular in ESL classes, as well. They can be considered a great opportunity to build critical thinking abilities in students.

ESL video lesson l-plan websites

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