Grammar Guide

Grammar Guides and Grammar Presentations to Summarize Grammar Rules in your ESL Lessons

Grammar guides are one-page template resources that highlight the grammar rules of a particular subject. They are great for summarising the grammar subjects on one-page using tables. They are recommended for one-to-one lessons and can ideally accompany reading activities and consolidation worksheets in your grammar lessons. 

On the other hand, there are grammar presentations, which cover the whole grammar subject in a PDF or PowerPoint. They are great for online lessons. 

What’s the primary purpose of grammar guides?

Teaching grammar can be a daunting task in EFL classes. English grammar can be very complicated in some cases. You can quickly sum it up with my grammar guides.

If you look at the grammar guides, you’ll see the basic layout which consists of the highlighted meaning of the grammar concept, forms on a table, which will be easier to understand, and also an example sentences part. At last, there’s a section to fill in other things to keep in mind about the relevant grammar subject, such as signal words.

The grammar guides are designed as simple and concise note-taking resources. They’ll work best in a revision lesson to elicit the grammar points of a language subject. After that lesson, students can keep it in their folder as a grammar reference point of that language item.

What parts are there in grammar guide templates?

There are mainly four parts in a grammar guide template.

  1. The meaning: This part briefly summarises the meaning behind the grammar concept, which will be a high reference point to remind the usage of it quickly.
  2. The form: The second part looks at forms of the grammar within a table of personal pronouns. It groups personal pronouns to help them remember quickly.
  3. The example sentences part: This part is empty and to be filled up by students. You can dictate your own sentences here if you want. 
  4. The important notes part: Again this part is left intentionally blank for students to keep their own notes about the grammar issue studied. You can dictate some signal words or your own reminders here. 

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