Consolidation Worksheet

Worksheets to Consolidate Your ESL Grammar Lessons

At photocopiables, consolidation worksheets are relatively easy exercises on specific grammar concepts taught in EFL classes. They may focus on one grammar subject or compare two or more grammar concepts. The set of exercises are accompanied with QR code answer keys and a teacher's copy. There are also A&B versions of the worksheets included in their packs. 

Where do consolidation worksheets fit in the lesson?

They cover the basic concepts in a grammar subject. Hence they best fit right after a grammar presentation in a lesson, and help students practice and master it. They are designed to question not just only the forms but also the meaning of the grammar concept.

What’s the suggested procedure?            

There are two ways to implement these kinds of worksheets in your lessons.

Obviously, the first one is giving out the consolidation worksheets right after the grammar presentation to check whether students have grasped the grammar concept or not.

The second one is for revision lessons. First, start by eliciting the grammar subject from students and put them on board as a reference point. Highlight the important points, which will be questioned in the worksheets. Then, just distribute the worksheets and students practice the language.

If you have a large class, it’ll be a good idea to use the A&B versions. It’ll help you manage the class appropriately and increase the classroom interaction dramatically and help you create a reciprocal peer learning atmosphere. First, separate the class into two and give out A and B versions of the worksheets. When students complete the worksheet, ask them to swap their worksheets to check their partner’s answers. Finally, ask the class if there are any conflicts or problems. You may want to go over the answers as a class to make sure all get the correct answers at the end. 

What do you use a QR code for?

The answer keys of the consolidation worksheets are also embedded in its QR codes, which can be found on the first page of the worksheet. They can ideally be used by students for checking the answers at home. If you are out of time, just hand out the printed worksheets to the class as a homework assignment and the QR code key will check the worksheets for you J

What’s included in the set?

All consolidation worksheets include a set of 10-12 questions. They have got the following pages in the pack:


·  Handout with QR code key

·  Handout without QR code key

·  A&B versions of the handouts, which are the two halves of the whole worksheet

·  Teacher’s Copy, which is the worksheet provided with the answers to the exercises.  

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